Why do you and Jason provide service at weddings together?

As the old saying goes, "Two minds are better than one".  Having both Jason and I at your wedding allows for us to provide you with an emcee and a DJ.  The emcee is the one who focuses on the details of the wedding, making sure the day goes as smooth as possible.  The DJ focuses on the music and keeping the energy flowing.  We also sit down and plan out the timeline and playlist together.  Most importantly if an emergency were to arise for one of us the other is fully capable of handling the day on his own.


Do you require a signed contract for an event?

Absolutely!  We will not provide service at an event without a signed contract.


Do you require a deposit with the contract?

Yes, our deposit is only $50.00 and is due with the signed contract.  


Will you meet with me prior to completing the contract?

Yes, we prefer to either meet with our clients in person or have a phone conference prior to signing a contract.  


Are you able to provide multiple sound system setups?

Yes, we are able to provide multiple sound systems.  This allows us to provide music for your ceremony, cocktail, dinner, and dancing even if these events take place at different location at the venue.


Do you provide any type of lighting?

We can provide dance floor lighting and uplighting.  This is something we like to discuss in detail with our clients prior to any decisions being made.


How early will you arrive on the day of my wedding?

We like to arrive about 2 hours prior to the start of the wedding.  This gives us ample time to setup our equipment, complete sound checks, and collaborate with other vendors.


How will you dress on the day of my wedding?

We will be dressed in a suit and tie unless another form of attire is desired by the bride and groom.


Do you have a set playlist of music that you play at all weddings?

No, absolutely not.  We build a customized playlist for each wedding.  We will get input from the bride and groom on music tastes and build the playlist around that information.


Do you carry liability insurance?

Yes, both Jason and I carry a liability insurance policy.  The policy provides coverage for you, your guests, and your venue.